Expert Speakers

Paul Collard is an expert in the use of creativity and culture to drive social and economic change, and to boost organisational performance. He’s also a passionate standard-bearer for the transformative power of the arts.

His speeches can be tailor-made for a client and  sessions can be delivered as keynote speeches or longer interactive sessions. Paul travels from Newcastle and will be available for a briefing prior to any event.

Examples of speeches Paul can deliver include:

What is creativity and why is it important to young people?

Using EU and OECD projections on the changing nature of the European workforce, Paul identifies the skills required by young people to succeed in the 21st century economy. He goes on to look at how education is currently structured and compares it with programmes developed and delivered by CCE. Using original data commissioned by CCE he shows how such programmes can improve teaching skills, motivate pupils, transform behaviour and raise attainment. He includes detailed case studies and videos created by young people to illustrate his theme.

Designing successful creative cities

In 1987,Paul Collard was commissioned by the British Government to produce a report on the role of the arts in regenerating cities. Long beforeGlasgow’sEuropeanCityof Culture and Richard Florida’s The Rise of the Creative Class, Paul developed a blueprint for the development of Creative Cities. In the 1990’s he went on to test his ideas, firstly in the North of East of England where his work led to the creation of the Angel of the North and the Newcastle/Gateshead phenomenon and then in New Haven Connecticut where he was credited with transforming the image and economic well being of the City. Using research based on that work, Paul reflects on the lessons learnt and their applicability to cities aim to achieve similar transformations today.

Uncivil Partnerships

Partnership has been a buzz word for nearly a decade – used to describe a set of ideal working relationships which are inclusive, democratic and effective. But is the reality anywhere near the idealised version and is the word partnership used to cover a variety of practices which are anything but inclusive, democratic and effective. Drawing on his experience of managing a variety of partnerships nationally, regionally and locally, Paul forensically dissects the partnerships he has seen to offer a users guide to effective partnership working.

To enquire about booking Paul for a speaking engagement, please contact his PA, Dee Keane.