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OUR PUBLICATIONS > Creative Survival in Hard times

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Creative Survival in Hard times

July 1, 2009

Author: Martin Bright and Barbara Gunnell

Institution: New Deal of the Mind

Full reference: A New Deal of the Mind Report for Arts Council England (July 2009). Creative Survival in Hard Times.

Summary of key findings

New Deal of the Mind was commissioned by Arts Council England to investigate policy options for helping young people who wish to enter the creative industries develop the necessary creative and entrepreneurial skills. This report follows New Deal of the Mind’s earlier report [LINK:943|CAPTION:Do It Yourself: Cultural and Creative Self-employment in Hard Times (June 2009)].

There is a growing body of research indicating how few jobs in the creative industries are gained through typical interview routes. Instead the reliance on networking and predominately unpaid internships means that jobs in the creative industries are increasingly restricted to the privileged few.

Recommendations include the arts sector and agencies interested in the creative economy and creative enterprise should encouraging the Government to establish an Enterprise Allowance Scheme for the 21^st^ Century and, in the short term, should press for the introduction of a self employed option into the Future Jobs Fund.

Research questions & methodology

This report is intended to consider ways in which the interests of artists and arts organisations can be fully addressed by current government proposals and to highlight the current institutional obstacles.

Desk research and interviews with stakeholders was complimented by focus groups with graduates.

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