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OUR PUBLICATIONS > Giving Green Paper

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Giving Green Paper

December 29, 2010

Institution: HM Government: Cabinet Office

Full reference: Cabinet Office (2010). Giving: Green Paper. London: HM Government.


This Green Paper sets out the Government’s initial ideas for building a stronger culture of giving time and money (the Big Society). It proposes a new role for government as a facilitator of giving, making it easier for philanthropists, volunteers and charities to form partnerships. It identifies five elements of change needed: great.opportunities, information, visibility, exchange and reciprocity, and support. A number of ideas for development are floated and specific policy proposals in the paper include:

  • A £50million Community First Fund to invest in local savings schemes that pay out small grants well into the future in the most deprived areas. It will match contributions from local donors to encourage more giving.
  • A £10million Volunteer Match Fund to double the benefit of private donations to voluntary projects.
  • Harnessing new technology. Including working with mobile phone companies to encourage charitable phone applications. Also talking to banks about donations through ATMs and widening access for people to make small charitable donations when paying for goods by cards.
  • Encouraging a new focus reciprocal giving with ideas like setting up an ebay style online community where people can trade time.
  • A government review of the relationship between financial incentives and giving.
  • Support to encourage charitable giving in schools.

The paper invites public contributions to the debate and anticipates a White Paper in Spring 2011.

Download the report.