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OUR PUBLICATIONS > Parents’ views on creative and cultural education

OUR PUBLICATIONS > Parents’ views on creative and cultural education

CCE Research

Parents’ views on creative and cultural education

October 1, 2009

Institution: Ipsos MORI

Full reference: Ipsos MORI (2009). Parents’ views on creative and cultural education

Summary of key findings

Creativity, Culture and Education commissioned this research because it wants to put the experiences of children and families at the heart of what it does. The purpose of this project was to investigate the views of parents about their children’s creative education and experiences, and to look at the demand among parents for this type of learning opportunity in the classroom. The research will help to measure the level of demand nationally among parents for these opportunities, and the types of projects parents are most interested in.

When prompted with a list of cultural forms, three quarters of parents say their child has taken part in a cultural activity in the past twelve months both with their school (75 per cent) and with their family (74 per cent).

However, one in ten parents (nine per cent) report that their child has not taken part in any of the cultural activities asked about in the past year, either with their school or the family.

Research Questions & Methodology

This report presents findings from a quantitative survey of 2,452 parents of children aged up to 19 years old.

Questions were designed and developed by CCE and Ipsos MORI and run on four waves of Ipsos MORI’s general public omnibus from April-August 2009. Questions covered a range of topics, including children’s rates of participation in a range of cultural activities, parents’ views of the importance of their children participating in cultural activities and the benefits associated with participation, and whether schools provide pupils with sufficient access to creative and cultural learning opportunities at present.

Read the report.