Creative Partnerships

Creative Partnerships makes a positive difference to how pupils think and staff teach


Creative Partnerships (CP) is CCE’s best-known programme and is the largest and longest-running programme of its kind in the world.

It is widely recognized as an international leader in bringing arts, culture and creative approaches into the classroom.

The programme has developed the skills of young people across England, raising their aspirations and achievements, and opening up more opportunities for their futures. It has supported thousands of innovative, long term partnerships between schools and creative professionals including artists, performers, architects, multimedia developers and scientists.

Schools in the CP programme have used creativity to solve problems and have seen real improvements in pupil attendance, behaviour and attainment, as well as in parental engagement.

From its creation in 2002 until the end of the current phase of the programme in 2011, CP has worked with over 1 million children and over 90,000 teachers in more than 8,000 projects across over 5,000 schools in England.

Although UK Government funding for CP ended in September 2011, the programme continues to attract international interest and CCE’s experience in running CP informs every aspect of our work.

In 2011 CCE was named as the winner of a 2011 WISE Award from the Qatar-based World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Foundation for the CP programme.

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