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Our wide-ranging knowledge and experience means we are uniquely placed to act as a consultant in both the education and cultural sectors. We have a rich and varied history acting as a creative consultant on large-scale projects with regions and nations, towns and cities, as well as with smaller community groups, local authorities and individual schools.

Regardless of the setting and scale we can help:

  • Analyse and review cultural provision and practice
  • Engage collaboratively in policy and strategy development
  • Offer network development and support
  • Inspire excellence in project design, co-ordination and implementation
  • Support considerations and conditions for scale and growth in both programmes and organisations
  • Carry out relevant evaluation and research
  • Curate publications and articles to share your learning and findings

We can carry out this work with you in phases or through individual interventions. We can ensure that stakeholders are actively and creatively involved and that recommendations made are achievable and sustainable, allowing you to reach your goals with confidence.

Our expert team is also available to speak at conferences and events around the world.  This input can be motivational and inspiring and can have significant impact with small or large groups within your organisation or setting.

If you want to introduce creative learning practices to benefit your community of learners and teachers, but you are unsure how to progress, please contact us at and we can discuss our consultancy approach with you.